Direct Booking Account Makes your expense processing easier

The Direct Booking Account is a new product developed especially for companies who want to have greater efficiency and control in their expense management.

Traditionally card based programmes have not supported additional management information within the account. Just like a personal card statement the company can know how much was spent, when it was charged and the name of the supplier. All business information about the expense is likely to exist separately but will need to be reconciled – item by item.

Life can be so much easier.

Working alongside you we can ensure your account is easy to upload to your finance systems and has all the information you need already in place.

Using our Virtual card technology you can have bespoke management information guaranteed for every transaction. This gives you the fraud and control risk benefits of single use cards as well as the certainty of universal card acceptance for online and telephone purchases. And because each transaction is set up uniquely you also have a unique record of who created the spending and why.
Company Benefits
  • No annual fee for the account - giving you cost effective access to more efficient expense processing
  • Central billing and full reconciliation of all spending
  • Automated matching of your management information to the relevant transaction
  • All your expense information in one place – clear oversight of your expenses updated as it happens
  • The ability to control expense and spend authorities using unique cards for each single or batch of transactions with a supplier – maintaining full control of all expense authorities
  • Data capture with a simple download into your finance systems – removing reconciliation and processing expense
  • A flexible product design to match your organisation structure – reflecting your cost centres, profit centres, projects etc
Staff Benefits
  • Expense processing is made quick and easy
  • Expense claims are handled centrally, no payment information to process
  • Overcharge protections built into virtual cards making budget management easier
How Does It Work?
  • The Direct Booking Account gives you access to some of the most advanced card payments technology in the market today. You will be able to create a unique card number for each transaction (or group of transactions with a supplier). That unique card set up will be a bespoke design for your business allowing you to define exactly which information you require (and would like) for every transaction. You can set control rules on that card – maximum number of transactions, maximum total spend, and the permissible timeframe for any charges. Whilst you might imagine that the Diners Club Direct Booking Account is limited by Diners Club acceptance, we’ve even covered that, so that you have full acceptance at home or abroad for every online or telephone purchase.

    You can choose who can use the Account and see everything that they do. Every payment is reconciled before it even happens.

    So if you want to manage expense policy and expense authorities, or control an agreed scheduled payment, or simply cap ancillary costs on a booking – full control is in your hands.
What Does It Cost?
  • There is a small transaction charge for the creation and use of virtual cards.
What Happens Next?
  • Simply call us today on 0345 862 2935 to find out more. We will work with you to develop exactly the right solution for your business. Alternatively request a callback below and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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  • The Diners Club Direct Booking Account gives you:
  • Interest free credit of up to 56 days on all transactions
  • Full reconciliation data for automated expense processing
  • Complete control of expense commitments
  • Unique flexibility to fit your needs