REWARDS TO ENJOY Receive and enjoy member benefits
with points and vouchers

The unique Diners Club Rewards Program* earns you points at a rate of one Diners Club Rewards Point per £5 charged to your Diners Club Card**. Accumulate the points and choose from a range of shopping vouchers.

    Code: AMA10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Amazon Gift Card

    Code: AMA20
    Points: 3,000
    £20 Amazon Gift Card


    Code: DEBS10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Debenhams Voucher

    Code: DEBS25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 Debenhams Voucher

  • Harvey Nichols

    Code: HAR10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Harvey Nichols Voucher

    Code: HAR20
    Points: 3,000
    £20 Harvey Nichols Voucher

    Code: HAR50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 Harvey Nichols Voucher


    Code: IKEA10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 IKEA Gift Card

    Code: IKEA20
    Points: 3,000
    £20 IKEA Gift Card

    Code: IKEA50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 IKEA Gift Card

  • iTunes

    Code: ITUN15
    Points: 2,250
    £15 iTunes Gift Card

    Code: ITUN25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 iTunes Gift Card

    Code: ITUN50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 iTunes Gift Card

    John Lewis

    Code: JLW10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 John Lewis Voucher

    Code: JLW25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 John Lewis Voucher

    Code: JLW50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 John Lewis Voucher

  • Love2shop

    Code: HST10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Love2shop Voucher

    The Love2shop Voucher is the UK's leading multi-retailer gift voucher. It is accepted in store at over 130 major retailers with more than 20,000 branches. With stores including Argos, Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Toys R Us and many more it gives you the freedom to choose.

    Marks & Spencer

    Code: M&S10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Marks & Spencer Voucher

    Code: M&S25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 Marks & Spencer Voucher

  • Marriott

    Code: MAR10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Marriott Hotel Cheque

    Code: MAR25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 Marriott Hotel Cheque

    Code: MAR50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 Marriott Hotel Cheque


    Code: SAIN10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Sainsburys Gift Card

  • Selfridges

    Code: SELF10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Selfridges Gift Card

    Code: SELF20
    Points: 3,000
    £20 Selfridges Gift Card

    Code: SELF50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 Selfridges Gift Card


    Code: STAC10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Starbucks Card

    Code: STAC20
    Points: 3,000
    £20 Starbucks Card

  • Thomas Cook

    Code: TC25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 Thomas Cook Voucher

    Code: TC50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 Thomas Cook Voucher

    Code: TC100
    Points: 14,000
    £100 Thomas Cook Voucher


    Code: TICK10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Ticketmaster Gift card

    Code: TICK25
    Points: 3,500
    £25 Ticketmaster Gift Card

    Code: TICK50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 Ticketmaster Gift Card

  • Virgin

    Code: VIR10
    Points: 1,500
    £10 Virgin Voucher

    Code: VIR20
    Points: 3,000
    £20 Virgin Voucher

    Code: VIR50
    Points: 7,000
    £50 Virgin Voucher

Order your rewards by calling Customers Services on 0345 862 2935 (UK residents only).

By participating in the Diners Club Rewards Program, you accept these terms and conditions.
*For UK residents only
**Excludes cash withdrawals, annual fees, interest, deposits, transfers and credit notes.

  • The Diners Club
    Personal Charge Card
    gives you:
  • Interest free credit
  • Dedicated UK call centre
  • £15 airport lounge access
  • Rewards programme